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GRDi has expended to provide the service previously provided by Global Commissioning Solutions Ltd. (GCS). The goal of GRDi is to continue providing the high quality and level of service that GCS had provided to their client while adding the benefit of having full engineering support.

GCS Ltd. provided services for construction supervision, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up and maintenance. GRDi currently provides, Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management. The management at GRDi recognised the synergy of combining the services from both companies would provide the clients from both GCS and GRDi with value added services.

Having the commissioning and operations background in the GRDi office will be providing a value added benefit to the engineering team. Integrating the knowledge of the field personal throughout the project cycle will provide our clients with a turnkey solution. The ability of the commissioning and operations teams to be able to run questions or concerns thru a readily available engineering team will save time in urgently required solutions that come up during commissioning and start-up.