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GRDi provides full engineering and design services, inspection services, project supervision and commissioning support.Our service and expertise has quickly helped us to grow in Canada and Internationally.
Project Management

GRDi provides Project Management expertise covering diverse industries within the energy sector in Canada and internationally.

Our Project Management expertise include project coordination, scheduling, cost controlling, cost reporting, field coordination, construction support, risk analysis and risk management. GRDi uses Project Management Tools, processes and procedures that meet the requirements of our clients.

Engineering Design

Our Engineering Design team provides engineering and design services at the PRE-Front End Engineering Design (PRE-FEED), FEED and Detailed Engineering (DE). Our engineering deliverables include 3D modeling, engineered drawings, studies and specifications. Our expertise includes the following disciplines:

GRDi_Bullet_DarkProcess EngineeringGRDi_Bullet_Dark Mechanical Engineering and Design GRDi_Bullet_Dark Piping Design GRDi_Bullet_Dark Stress Engineering GRDi_Bullet_Dark Electrical Engineering and Design GRDi_Bullet_Dark Instrumentation Engineering and Design GRDi_Bullet_Dark Controls Engineering and Programming GRDi_Bullet_Dark Civil / Structural Engineering and Design

At GRDi our Procurement team offers a broad range of expertise to meet the unique demands of our clients providing the most cost effective solutions in a timely manner.GRDi Procurement expertise includes tender package preparation, commercial and technical bid evaluation and recommendations, purchasing, contract administration, inspection and expediting.
Equipment Supply
GRDi can supply fully packaged control systems, electrical/MCC houses, Burner Management Systems, diesel and natural gas generating systems to your specification. GRDi can also supply a full range of instrumentation including control valves, meters, analyzers and actuated valves
Commissioning / Startup
GRDi has a full team of multi-discipline commissioning technicians and engineers to drive the commissioning and start up of the various systems within your facility. This team can develop a commissioning scope, manpower estimates and schedule, while managing queries, commissioning redlines, vendors, materials and discipline-specific services as well as other duties. This highly talented team ensures quality and reduces start-up costs to our clients.
Construction Management
GRDi Construction Management Team provides inspection services, supervision and commissioning support. Based on years of construction management expertise, we review each project for constructability at the early FEED stage to ensure our design can be implemented. Our managers coordinate and supervise the construction process ensuring site activities proceed in logical steps while estimating and budgeting the time and cost required to safely meet established mile stones.
Industry Partnerships

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